Jam funnel
Jam funnel
Jam funnel
Jam funnel
Jam funnel
Jam funnel
Jam funnel
Jam funnel

Jam funnel

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🐝Pour honey quickly and easily without spilling a single drop.🐝


  • Effective Problem Solving: Nothing is comparable to its sweet "honey" taste. What we do not love are dirty, sticky honey bottles or jars filled with hardened and crystallized honey. This clever honey funnel solves all these problems. It stores, warms and pours honey with ease.
  • Easy to use: Just fill the glass bottom with warm water, set up the honey funnel and wait a few minutes for the honey to warm. Slide the trigger up, pour in the desired amount of honey, and release the trigger to firmly and securely close the opening. No drops, no stickiness!


  1. Handy trigger
  2. Perfect for honey, syrup and even sugar
  3. Two piece honey dispenser and warmer
  4. Elegant design
  5. Comes with a glass base with honeycomb pattern and chromed plastic trigger handle
  6. Dishwasher safe


Dispenser and stand: glass

Lid: food grade acrylic material

Weight: 209 g

Size: 8.3 * 10 * 15 cm

Capacity: 200 ML


 1 * Jam funnel

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