Motion Ball
Motion Ball
Motion Ball
Motion Ball
Motion Ball
Motion Ball
Motion Ball
Motion Ball

Motion Ball

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😍Motion Ball, the smart ball your pet needs!😍

Motion Ball has been designed to eliminate your pets feeling of loneliness and boredom while you are away, giving them the fun, interaction and exercise that they crave when you are not around.

Motion Ball is the bundle of fun and joy your pet pal needs while you are away.

Motion Ball inspires your pets to run & explore, scratch & sniff and cheer them up both mentally and physically.


  • Suitable for dogs&cats
  • Automatic&flexible
  • 3 reaction modes for interaction-gentle/active/normal
  • Intelligent companion mode
  • Snack reward system
  • Waterproof-Chasing the ball in the water is so much like chasing a fish,meow!

  • Washable-Mum often washes the ball and it's again safe,fun and ready-steady-go!
  • Obstacle avoidance system
  • Durable and safe for your pet-We can bite,gnaw and scratch the ball as much as we wish and it never gives up!
  • No app required
  • Rechargeable- The maximum playtime could be up to 8 hours. 

🐱What in the Box:

  • Motion ball*1
  • USB charging data cable*1
  • Instruction manual*1

🐱Frequently Asked Questions:

 Question: My pet is shy, how should I introduce the Motion Ball?

Answer: No problem! Here's what we recommend: 1) Place the Motion Ball on the ground so your pet can walk up to it and give it a sniff anytime. 2) Allow your pet to get used to Motion Ball. Some pets love it right away, while others may take a couple of days to get familiar with a Motion  Ball. 3) Give your pet lots of love and encouragement. Repeat until your pet is comfortable.

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